Dear Promoters/MDs/CEOs/CXOs,

How has been your experience with external consultants & let us share your experience to see if we fit into your needs and how?

How many consultancy reports you have seen implemented in entirety? How many – even from best in

class consultants – saw the light of the day? Few or none?

‘BRAINS at WORK’ does not believe in submitting a report but in action.

How many times did you engage a consultancy firm impressed by attractive presentations by its senior

team during the pitch but ended up dealing with inexperienced consultants, even freshers, short of

their depth?

‘BRAINS at WORK’ has over a dozen top management experts to pinpoint bottlenecks and
provide solutions and twenty very senior experts for implementation.

How many consultancy firms can claim to have case studies of actual turnaround done in the complex

Indian environment?

‘BRAINS at WORK’ has over 500 years of Indian and MNC top management experience to
handle all your burning issues promptly and demonstrate results.

Have you not been wondering by the resistance from your team for implementation of consultancy reports

claimed to be evolved jointly with your team? Is there a missing link in these claims?

‘BRAINS at WORK’ evolves solutions through intense guided brainstorming with client team
& helps implementing all the solutions through senior teams of clients under our support.

Have you not felt that consultancy fees paid on per diem basis without linkage to clearly spelt out

deliverables have gone down the drain?

‘BRAINS at WORK’ offers to link a major part of its charges to clearly defined and measurable